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Collato Sabino Castle

The charm of history enchants the visitors of the magnificent Castello id Collalto Sabino. Walking through the maze of trails, following the busy unwinding of the walls, you can access the many stories of this fortress which, from the Fifteenth century onwards, has been holding testimonies and legendary stories of the many noble families who have alternated living there. During the sixteenth century the castle was remodeled and improved its facilities, so that it became a veritable fortress, whose use is well shown by the presence of turrets, great canons and machine guns. In the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries the Castello id Collalto was very advanced in its military capacity, being able to accommodate an incredible amount of artillery. Watchtowers, ramparts, sentinel stations encircle the large corner tower and make the place so charming that his ancient seduction almost does not allow us to perceive the present. The castle is connected to the Baron's Palace, overlooking a courtyard where the testimony of the lords and barons are inscribed on the stone reliefs, enterprises, badges, and mottoes. The old well and fountain, the squares and blackbirds don't lack, but most of all visitors will enjoy the trails on the walls, perhaps unique in the Lazio region, from which they can enjoy a splendid panoramic view which includes the peaks of the Gran Sasso, the Maiella and Terminillo. The Mareri, the Savelli, Strozzi, and finally the Soderini Barberini - who most of all participated to the restoration - all contributed to implement the construction.





From the ancient stone houses of the Borgo Antico, the Castle appears intact in all its majesty, entirely surrounded by walls, complete with crenellated towers, and mullioned windows that still seem to enclose the life of the nobility of various historical periods. In fact, the rooms inside hold a pleasant surprise: they speak to us again about how life was at the time through their decor, the antique fireplaces, the tapestries and weapons. The floors are made of solid wood, the ceilings are paneled; moreover, there are numerous paintings of the Seventeenth century and a eighteenth-century Venetian style library.The layout of the rooms reflects the actual disposition: there is the dining room and ballroom, kitchen, billiard room, guest suites and the magnificent 'secret garden' rich in plants and wonderful spots for relaxation, with its beautiful vintage cedar of Lebanon. There is also the traditional drawbridge that leads to the fortress. The old clock counter is also worth visiting: it marked the six hours of guard duty and therefore had to be repositioned at every sixth hour. It is surrounded by ancient mortars and culverin stations all around the keep, heart of castle life. Unforgettable and romantic, the Castle Collalto stands as a border outpost, a real historical place in our region.




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