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Agriturismo Ferramosca :


Who are we:


The adventure of Agrituismo Ferramosca began one spring day about fifteen years ago . We decided to buy a rural home, thus we started off from Rome heading toward the countryside. As we got to the ivy covered gate of the house, we got the first glimpse of the ruins of a large, imposing farmhouse made of a stunning quality of stone, surrounded by pristine mountains and lush green. After a few more steps, we entered the house. The owner explained that once it was a barn, the upper floor of which was the farmer's house. Further ahead, we saw the old, crumbling stairway leading upstairs. We then noticed a large window from where we could see the spectacle of Nature waking in springtime. At this point we asked where the property ends.


The owner then replied: "It ends there, at the beginning of the forest, where the main river crossing these mountains and collecting the waters of the melting snow runs: Turano river". We then came down, the thin morning air and the sun getting more intense inebriated us. We then went around the corner and found a beautiful oak: its rough trunk made it look like somebody who challenges the passing of time, whereas the branches and leaves housed a couple of squirrels, which, as soon as they noticed us coming, slipped away.


That summer we took possession of what would become our estate. The real adventure began then: we had to restore the old house - a very challenging undertaking - helped by an engineer and a skilled and willing Polish worker, supporting them with our expertise. Inside there's an old brick arch we decided not to alter. Thus we began to be good with the mortar and trowel, and month after month the house took shape . After five years of renovation, the house was finally ready.


Thanks to the ancient, one meter deep walls the interior is kept fresh in the summer - as if there was air conditioning, and lovely warm in the winter. One day my sister and I, Alessandro, took a stroll through the old market of Porta Portese in Rome together with our father and we ran into a wicker basket containing some German Shepherd puppies.


One of them stood up, came to us and we started playing with it. After a while, as we were strolling through the market we realized that dog was following us, its owner chasing it and struggling to recover it. Apparently, the dog had already chosen his masters. With languid eyes, we convinced our father to take it. It was our first dog, Laicka, and the best friend we could have. She became the true master of the mountains and the trails of the valley, and watched day and night over our property. Sometime later, we decided to get another dog to keep Laicka company.


We opted for a Labrador, being it very docile and playful. Slowly we started to feel the desire to retrieve ancient flavors. The wisdom of an old farmer woke our desire to reap and taste the fruits Nature provides as the seasons change. We planted some tomato and lettuce seeds in disbelief that something would come up. But Nature already knew what to do, and a few months later we were amazed to see tiny plants coming up, giving us their first fruits. When the raw taste of the sun meets the black earth the result is amazing: freshly picked tomatoes gave a sweet sauce, balanced and genuine. The love and care for our dogs rewarded us with the first litter of puppies, which made us very proud.


This passion for nature brought forth in me the desire to learn more and undertake a degree at the Agricultural Institute. My sister approached this world too and joined the faculty of Agriculture. Having obtained our degrees, we started raising poultry, rabbits and chickens following the organic way as it was done once, in respect of nature and life cycles.


The dishes we create combining local meats with our delicious vegetables keep the extraordinary taste of rustic cuisine and have become a true passion of ours through the years. Sometime later we had in mind to turn the estate into an agriturismo to share our passion for nature, animals and the retrieved taste for authenticity. No sooner said than done: here's Agriturismo Ferramosca, sprung from the idea of four people who believed - and still do - they could bring together man and nature and let them enrich each others.


Easily reachable from Rome and a stone's throw from Lake Turano and adjacent to the Turano River, here you can relax in our rooms, taste our dishes, walk around a lush stretch of land, return to the simplicity and the relaxed paces of the countryside.  



Agriturismo Ferramosca :

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