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Grotte di val dei varri



The stream of Val de Varri crosses a small gorge at the base of the southern slope of M. S. Angelo and is abruptly interrupted by a waterfall 20 meters high, above which a limestone cliff overhangs 30 meters high. A great niche and some collapsed rocks resulted from the erosive action of water The cave is developed along two main branches; the first, the fossil one, in which were found remains of human permanence in the Middle Bronze Age and the second, the lower one, which is crossed by the Rio Varri.



The two branches rejoin after approximately 100 meters. The most spectacular sight here is represented by the 20 meters high waterfalls. The right branch of the cave, the fossil one, is characterized by a series of orthogonal concretionary rooms. A special project aimed at tourists has made possible a wonderful view of the Karst topography of the area. Along this path we get to the Confluence room, where the right and left branch joins. From here starts the active area of Val de Varri underground. A long stretch of the active branch was dedicated to visitors interested in speleology. Here visitors providing themselves with the proper equipment provided by the management of the caves can go on a tour through an underground stretch of pristine emotions and fascination, relating directly and absolutely with this underground world.







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