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Lake Turano




Turano Lake is a reservoir created between 1936 and 1939, barring a dam (256 meters long and 79 meters high) along the river near the town of Posticciola Turano. The nearby towns are Ascrea, Castel di Tora, Sabino Colle di Tora Paganico and offer stunning views. Orientated south west - north-east, the valley is bounded on its eastern side by the mountain range as a continuation of the Simbruini mountains - namely that of the Carseolani mountains - of which Mount Navegna is the highest peak, and on its western one by the eastern foothills of the Sabine mountains, on average lower than the Carseolani. Other peaks taller than 1000 metres are: Mount San Giovanni ( 1201 mt.) , Mount Faito ( 1227 mt.), Mount Aquilone ( 1337 mt.) and Mount Cervia ( 1436 mt.).

At the bottom of the valley, around the towns of Castel di Tora, Colle di Tora and Rocca Sinibalda the harshest profiles of the mountain give way to the hill's softer curves. The average height is between 600 and 900 meters. The towns of Ascrea, Castel di Tora, Paganico Sabino and Colle di Tora overlook the lake. The lake has an elongated shape (approximately 10 km), an area of about 6 square kilometers and a perimeter of about 35 km. It is connected to its "sister" lake through a tunnel that makes communicating vessels and supplies to the Cotilia power station

The Turano River and Turano Lake bisect the municipality of Paganico Sabino.

The Provinciale Turanense Road and a dirt road run along its shores. A walk around the lake on the dirt road that runs along the left bank is available from SP Turanense through Paganico Bridge, and offers panoramic views of rare beauty. The track is almost entirely flat and is also suitable for cycling. To the right of the bridge, one can reach the Paganico "Marcassiccia" and "Field of Caves" where outlets to the lake are conveniently located. To the left of the bridge, the road heads towards "Pietraforte" closing in a ring, within the municipal area of Paganico, near "Collelavalle".

Activities that can be done in Lake Turano Fishing: Given the proximity to the highway and the ease with which it is reached, the lake is a destination not only to fishermen but also a lot of hikers who use the lake for activities. In good weather the turnout is very similar to that of Rimini in August, which creates problems with parking.

The lake is still well-populated and hosts chub, carp, tench, perch and trout, rudd, crucian, Savette, Eels and the occasional trout coming from the repopulation carried out on the river Turano. 
 The best season for all species goes from April to October. All techniques of fishing are used with some preference for the fixed barrel for Chubs, and spinning, the one with the live (permitted by the regulations) and smear (even with baits rubber) for Black Bass and Reali.

The most commonly used baits are maggots and earthworms and manure, but alternate baits also work well. As for tools, like the jump, all anglers can use up to three rods arranged provided within a maximum distance of ten meters, or a scale with the maximum side of 1.50 meters and mesh size not smaller than 10 mm. The place despite the problems mentioned, is worth a visit especially if you have no problems being on the shore at dawn. Species of fish in the lake:

Bleak Eel

Grass carp




Black Bass

Scardola Trout

Grayling fresh water prawns and mussels are also present in the lake.

Canoeing and other lake activities

IL CENTRO NAUTICO TURANO Viale del Lago 02020 Colle di Tora (RI) Tel. 0765 716228 e IL

CENTRO NAUTICO TURANO Viale del Lago 02020 Colle di Tora (RI) Tel. 0765 716228 and nautical base of:

• Canoe Club Turano, member of the Italian Federation of Canoeing - CONI;

• Water Sport Centers affiliated with the Lazio Italian Water Ski Federation - CONI;

• Start-up Centre for Sport CONI, promotes amateur and competitive sports.


• introductory courses to the practice of Canoeing and water skiing;

• preparation courses at the Water Ski and Canoe Kayak racing for athletes participating in competitions at national, regional, provincial;

• national events, regional, provincial and Social Water Ski Canoe and Kayak;

• in collaboration with the Municipality and the local tourist events and initiatives for the festivities in honor of the patron saint and village festivals;

• water games in order to teach children to swim and have a positive relationship with the waters of the lake.Organized in collaboration with agencies and sports clubs, running events and motorcycle Lake Turano.

It spreads the nautical culture and promotes training for young people in activities that are compatible with the lake.






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